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Blooming Beans Iced Lattes

18th March 2024

Recipe: Iced Strawberry Doughnut Latte from Blooming Beans

Here's how to recreate our summer special...


Strawberry and Vanilla Syrup
Espresso Shot
Your favorite strawberry doughnut

How to make:

Fill your cup with ice.

Add 2 pumps of strawberry syrup and 1 vanilla into the cup.

Pour in the espresso (you can create something like an espresso shot without a machine by mixing 2tablespoons of instant coffee with 2 0z of boiling water.)

Fill with milk.

Top with squirty cream and your doughnut.


To make it extra special use locally roasted coffee and farm fresh milk.

Or... Check out our facebook page to see where you can pick one up from us:

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Blooming Beans

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