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9th January 2024

Reveal the hidden opportunity in your Business

Your Journey to greater productivity and profit starts here

Happy New Year to all PinK Members and I’m sure this is a time when you’re taking stock of your next calendar year, and possibly seeing your year-end looming on the horizon. This should be a time for reflection and new beginnings, when most business owners make fresh resolutions to boost productivity, optimise resources and maximise your profits – really get your business working for you, rather than being a slave to the business with little or no reward.

The biggest barrier to success for most business owners is not allowing their team to get on with the job, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture and time to spend on more strategic activities. You naturally have a fear of losing control when you put your trust and faith in other people who you perceive will never do the job as well as you do. You feel like you never have a moment to make the all-important leadership decisions and manage your teams. You probably end up in that vicious circle of firefighting, reacting to the urgent rather than proactively managing the important.

Don’t be fooled. Businesses are complex entities; you are the driver and the leader. If you continue to try and be one of the team, another ‘colleague’, you are depleting your one valuable management resource of leadership.

To overcome this barrier, you must take a step back to develop the tools that are going to free you up from managing the minutiae whilst still maintaining overall control of the business destiny; evolving the business systems and processes to provide the right management information to stay in your comfort zone, knowing your operations are going in the right direction, without feeling you’re losing control of the results.

You need to create that self-managing business, design and implement your business DNA, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the day-to-day momentum but find sacred time to work ON the business.

Finding where that opportunity lies can be daunting when you’re so close to the operational detail (can’t see the wood for the trees), so why not take the Alluxi Business Success Scorecard to pinpoint where your barriers to success are lurking, and prioritise your key areas for improvement. The Scorecard is free, takes about 10-15 minutes to complete (if it’s taking longer, you’re overthinking it) and will instantly highlight those areas that you need to address.

Once you receive your results, you’ll be offered the opportunity to schedule a 60 minute one to one video call with our Director and Business Productivity specialist, Linda Garcia. We’ll review how you’ve scored in each of the 10 key business success factors and work through possible changes, interventions or new techniques you could implement to overcome the obstacles towards greater efficiencies. You’ll come away with a positive action list to kick start you into 2024 and beyond. Click here to get your results.

Alluxi Consulting brings global productivity expertise to the SME sector in Kent. If you’d like to learn more about how we work with business owners to optimise productivity and maximise profits please contact Linda Garcia at or 07717 221 368. For more information visit our website