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29th May 2019

Simply making something from nothing

We would all like to limit the amount of food wasted in our homes, but no matter how hard we try, the sad truth is that huge amounts of perfectly edible produce are thrown away before they ever get to us.

Experts say as much as a third of all food is wasted and up to 40 per cent of fresh produce ends up being binned before reaching a supermarket shelf. According to charity Wrap, food waste costs our economy £20 billion a year, while the price in terms of environmental damage is potentially far higher.

Simply Ice Cream Peanut Brittle is made using pieces of Peanut Brittle that were too small to include in Fudge Kitchen's gift boxes WHAT: There’s little waste from Fudge Kitchen’s handmade peanut brittle; but any pieces that are too small for gift boxes are packed up for fellow artisan Kent company Simply Ice Cream, which makes an incredible peanut brittle ice-cream with the leftovers. ECO CREDENTIALS: Fudge Kitchen aims for zero waste, using paper bags and boxes approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. You can read the whole article on leftover treats here: Simply Ice Cream Peanut Brittle, £4.99 for 500ml, for stockists Fudge Kitchen's Peanut Brittle