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17th August 2022

Simpsons’ achieves Sustainability Certification

Simpsons’ Wine Estate is pleased and proud to announce that it has achieved The Wines of Great Britain Sustainability Certification across both the vineyard and winery areas of the business.

Now with 38 hectares of vines located in the designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) of the Elham Valley, the team at Simpsons’ is committed to conserving the local environment and promoting biodiversity on the Estate. Their winery is located in close proximity to their three vineyard sites and minimises transport of both the harvested grapes and staff to cultivate the vines. In 2021, a 30kw solar PV array was also installed at the Estate, which at optimum production, covers all normal office and winery functionality.

All of this considerable work and dedication by the Simpsons’ team has enabled them to meet the following Wines of Great Britain Sustainability Scheme criteria:

• Managing vineyards sustainably, with minimal pesticide and fertiliser inputs,

• Protecting vineyard soils, conserving the environment and promoting biodiversity,

• Minimising the vineyard carbon footprint per hectare.

• Enhancing the sustainability of the winery design and winemaking practices,

• Minimising the volume of water used per bottle of wine and disposing of winery wastewater responsibly,

• Reducing the carbon footprint per bottle of wine.

In achieving all of the above and maintaining standards, this means that from the 2022 vintage onwards, all of the Simpsons’ wines will display the sustainability trademark on their labels. Discover more about the Estate and their award-winning wines here:

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Simpsons Wine Estate

This is why we settled for nothing less than the finest parcels of land in southern England to plant our vines for Simpsons’ first English sparkling wine.