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17th January 2024

Sleep & Winter Wellness on Castle Farm

January is all about looking after yourself and catching up on well needed sleep!

Try our all-natural Sleepy Scent, which is a great alternative to sleeping pills. It acknowledges folk-lore and herbal traditions dating back for centuries which advocate the use of hop pillows to cure insomnia, but also leans on more recent scientific evidence which has proved that Lavender calms the nervous system, thus reducing stress, inducing relaxation and improving sleep quality.

Or light our wonderful Evening Candle and fill the room with a beautiful dreamy scent which can encourage a calm mind, body and heart.

Our Farm Shop open Tuesday - Sunday… visit the valley and enjoy browsing our range of local Farm Foods, gifts, decorations, Lavender products, toiletries, cards and homewares. We also have our Coffee Cart open for take away barista coffees, teas, snacks and ice creams.

Sleepy Collection - Castle Farm Shop (

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Castle Farm

Castle Farm is the largest Lavender farm in the UK.