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Boathouse seabass recipe

19th June 2024

Some seasonal Seabass buying & cooking tips from The Boathouse

Summer Wild Seabass season is in full swing, these versatile fish are prominent is the waters in the south of the UK including the English Channel.

Choose a fish with a bright eye, ruby red gills and a firm body for the ultimate in fresh fish.

Here are our top cooking idea’s for Seabass.

*Salt crust baked Bass- A popular Mediterranean dish

* Canoed and Stuffed with Garlic, Tomatoes, Onions and Bell peppers, Baked in the oven or on the BBQ

*Filleted and pan fried in garlic butter and a squeeze of Lemon

* Leave whole, dress with Samphire, Lemon wedges and Garlic, Oven bake or cook over a BBQ. We recommend to leave the scales on if cooking over a flame.

To buy the very best Seabass and seafood, why not visit Boathouse Fisheries. Or sign up to one of their filleting courses: https://www.theboathousefisher...

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