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Beebee spices recipe

15th February 2023

Spicy Cabbage Soup Recipe from BeeBee Spices

I can’t tell you that winter is my favourite season, I almost want to go into hibernation until the dawn chorus rings in the air.

One of my winter highlights though, is when I find myself sitting by the radiator, looking out my bay window as I settle into my spicy cabbage soup.
I almost feel like it’s a reward to myself after a hard day in the classroom.

Seasonal foods like these are much cheaper as there are lots of them around, also, I know that my cabbage has not travelled too far to get to me.

Unlike me, cabbage is a leafy vegetable that thrives in the cold, its crunchy attitude cannot be overlooked.

The flavours from the cabbage and scotch bonnet compliment each other so well, I sometimes imagine them shaking to Sinatra in my mouth.

Very easy to assemble. You literally just throw it together. Lets try making it together:


Dice 1 large chicken leg (I tend to use chicken on the bone to give more flavour)

Dice 1 small size cabbage

Thinly slice 1 medium onion, 2 sweet peppers

For spices, 1/2 spoon curry and thyme. Salt, BeeBeeSpices chilli sweet and mild and Beebeespices Hot- Hot,

3 - 4 tablespoon rapeseed oil


To a pan, add oil and throw in the spices and 2 teaspoons of Beebeespices sweet and Mild chilli. Fry until it becomes a paste.

Add you chicken, onion, peppers and keep staring to allow flavours penetrate. Cook until chicken is done

Add cabbage and 1/4 spoon Beebeespices Hot Hot

Give it a good stir and let it simmer for 2 mins and that's it.

You can have this with some naan bread or some boiled potatoes. I particularly enjoy this with a glass of red melon.

Beebeespices sweet and mild give the chicken an extra flavour that take the dish to another level

Bebeespices Chilli Hot Hot does exactly what it says on the tin.