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1st September 2021

Spry add their newest product to the British Range

Spry are proud to announce that their newest strawberry and lemon thyme flavour joins their ever-growing British Range.

With so many things to celebrate in the last few weeks of our summer heat, Spry have released a brand-new flavour that fits perfectly into their British Range of products. Relish the taste of our new strawberry and lemon thyme flavour, Perfect for the Dancers. This newest flavour is light, bright and bursting with an experience of fruitiness completed by a delightful freshness.

Spry’s British Range of products follow a strict procedure of having 98-100% of the ingredients sourced directly from British producers. Perfect for the Dancers has some of Britain’s most iconic flavours infused in a bottle to help make memories that last a lifetime.

You can enjoy Perfect for the Dancers neat, over ice or straight from the easily transportable sipper, or with your next cream tea, piece of chocolate cake, lemon meringue pie and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Be one of the first to experience this delightfully wonderful treat by ordering your own Perfect for the Dancers today!

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