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1st June 2021

Spry is a tribute to our Scandinavian roots that comes in the shape of a short, memorable sipper.

Our drinks are made to be enjoyed with others with the purpose of creating memories that last a lifetime.

Spry pays tribute to a tradition in Denmark that means to infuse the festive spirit of snaps with that of spending time with others and enjoying the great outdoors. At Spry, we like to associate our drinks with the Danish word hygge, which refers to the feeling of cosiness and having a harmonic connection to your surroundings.

Established in 2020, our headquarters and production are based in Ramsgate, Kent. While we initially wanted to make our product organic and source our ingredients from farms across Europe, we discovered that this would only enhance our carbon footprint. Therefore, we chose to support our local producers and source the majority of our ingredients directly from nearby farms meaning that we receive our ingredients fresh and ready to be used in production.

By sourcing directly from our local growers, we have managed to reduce our waste and cut down our overall carbon footprint. This means we are able to have a range of drinks that have ingredients of which 98% are proudly sourced from Britain itself.

We pride ourselves on our membership of 1% for the Planet to protect our world and its future. This means that 1% of our gross sales go directly to supporting environmental non-profits. In 2021 we launched our zero-waste bottle deposit scheme which aims at reducing waste. We offer discounts to buyers who return their empty bottles and work closely with our trade customers to supply containers that can be returned, sterilised and reused in the future.

Spry works hard at helping both people and the environment as our founders come from a culture that has a peaceful balance with nature. Every decision is made with the intention of implementing our code of ethics and preserving our world so that we can all share in a bright and happy future.

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