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13th April 2021

SPRY win international Award!

We are thrilled to announce our turmeric, ginger and lemongrass flavoured Perfect for the Spirited has been awarded a silver medal from @thespiritsmasters at the Spring Blind Tasting 2021.

Perfect for the Spirited is a new type of liqueur which you can enjoy on its own or mix with tonic as a cocktail. The drink profile adds a twist to the market and is an introduction to a new flavour adventure to those of you that would like to try something else than the traditional gin market. The spirit is vegan and produced with natural ingredients, no artificial flavour or sugar has been added. The flavour is bursting with aroma, balanced heat and sweetness, with a fresh twist of lemongrass. With 209 kcal per 100 ml and 3.6g of sugar that comes directly from the delicious fresh British apples.

Nice and fresh, lots of great flavour. Doesn’t taste like anything I have tried before.


Judges noted “Fresh Ginger comes through in the nose, fresh ginger on the palate, well balanced and great well rounded taste.” during their tasting of #PerfectForTheSpirited

Do you want to know more about Perfect for the Spirited and its flavour profile?

Flavour adventure

A superbly fresh and aromatic fusion is captured in this sophisticated SPRY, with turmeric, lemongrass and ginger adding a little warmth to this taste of paradise. Paired with juicy apples to round it off with a gentle sweetness, this drink transports tastebuds on an exotic journey.

Flavour Memories

Sipping this Perfect for the Spirited will bring back memories of travel to exotic places. Exploring spice markets. Long walks in the forest, with a little tasty treat on a bench. Exploring the world near and far. The perfect sunset with perfect people ❤️

Nutrition information

Do you know that you will save up to 100 calories if you choose to substitute your can of alcoholic beverage with a SPRY sipper? All our flavours are low in calories and sugar but high in flavour.

Short drinks made to last longer

In SPRY we appreciate a high ABV, whereas all our sippers are around ABV of 35%. Did you know that you will actually drink less UK units of alcohol if you choose to drink a SPRY sipper compared to a canned beer or cocktail – if you choose a sipper you will reduce your UK units of alcohol with 0.2 units - if this is a low alcohol beverage or around 0.6 UK units or more if it’s a beverage above ABV 5%.

Togetherness – How to enjoy

There are endless ways to enjoy your sipper. You can drink it on its own, sipped directly from one of our sipper bottles or enjoy it as a cocktail, mix it with your favourite tonic, grated ginger and ice.

Why not visit our blog, where you can read more about how to SPRY up your cocktail.

Being Danish, we love our drinks and pairing them with all meals during the day. So why not enjoy them on their own as an aperitif or with your brunch or dessert. Pair them with seafood or white fish or next to your IPA.

Skål for new adventures and for the future of our planet!


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