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28th October 2020

Locate in Kent provide free support to businesses looking to locate or grow in the county.

We spoke with Locate in Kent CEO Gavin Cleary about our long-standing partnership and the Future Forward scheme in particular

Why is Locate in Kent keen to work with PinK in particular?

“Locate in Kent has always worked with food, drink and craft businesses across Kent and Medway. We know that Produced in Kent members bring valuable jobs to the local economy and we are proud of their impact. We are fully aware of the important work that Produced in Kent does and are keen to offer our support to businesses trying to navigate through the challenges of COVID-19.
“By working with Produced in Kent, we hope to get resources such as our Future Forward initiative – which offers 12 hours of free, expert business consultancy to small and medium sized enterprises – in front of the entrepreneurs and businesses who will benefit most.”

PinK members are faced with many challenges post-Covid: continuing social distancing regulations, no physical events to meet customers and buyers, lost B2B trade, threats of further lockdowns, a potential hard Brexit – how important is the support given through the Future Forward programme in this volatile economic climate?
“The critical thing to remember about business in 2020 is this: there is no one-size fits all approach. What our Future Forward programme offers Produced in Kent members is a chance to really take a deep dive into their business with expert marketing, accountancy and HR consultants, who will help to create a bespoke plan for the future.
“It may be that businesses are realising the need for more investment in digital systems, but you don’t know where to start, or they might want to take advantage of the market opportunities forming, but aren’t certain the risk is worth the reward. This is exactly where Future Forward comes in: it’s a resource to help business figure out exactly where they stand, and what they need to achieve their goals.”

What positives have come out of the Covid crisis that you feel our members, with your support, can build on going forward?

“If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that the world can change overnight. Businesses need to build resilience, agility and creativity into their plans. Many of our clients have forged new opportunities during this crisis, discovering new avenues for growth and diversification.

“Future Forward is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to take that next step, as we can advise on moving into a completely new marketplace, streamlining processes or even staff training. Seizing the moment doesn’t always have to involve huge investment or risk, but the rewards can be great.”

Locate in Kent has recently launched its Future Forward scheme, which is open to SMEs:

Free business recovery support from Locate in Kent.
Do you need help getting your business back on track?
Are you planning future growth and expansion?
Then Future Forward is for you.

Locate in Kent recently launched the Future Forward service, a free business recovery programme. It is delivered by a team of expert advisors who will guide your organisation towards a plan for future success. Qualifying businesses will receive 12 hours of free consultancy to build resilience, carve out new opportunities and take on the challenges that you may now be facing.

Locate in Kent will work with your company to review key aspects of your business operations including:
• Understanding the market opportunities for your business
• Digitisation of your business to increase profitability and streamline processes
• Defining your financial plan and making the most of funding opportunities

This programme is for small and medium sized enterprises based in Kent and Medway.
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