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3rd July 2024

Summer Events & Experiences at The Cooks Tale

The Cooks Tale in Canterbury have a massive calendar of events, special offers and experiences for you to indulge in for the summer, including exclusive discounts for Produced in Kent readers, Cookery Classes, Live Music and delectable themed feasts...

2 for 1 on Sunday Roast
Enjoy our take on the traditional roast every Sunday with a special 2 for 1 promotion this month.
Ends 28th July 2024
Link: Tapas Lunch| The Cooks Tale formerly The Ambrette

2 for 1 on Afternoon Tea
Indulge in our special celebration Afternoon Tea this month with our 2 for 1 offer. Our Afternoon tea features savory delights like cinnamon scones, samosas, and gourmet sandwiches, paired with sweets such as saffron cheesecake and chocolate silk. Enjoy a refreshing mango lassi and a tea or coffee of your choice. Vegetarian options available..
Ends 31st July 2024
Link: Tapas Lunch| The Cooks Tale formerly The Ambrette

12 Course Special in July
In January 2025, we are organizing a 10-day culinary tour of Odisha, Dev's home state in eastern India. The tour will immerse guests in local culture and cuisine, featuring cooking sessions with local chefs, visits to food markets, wine tasting, and explorations of exotic locations. Odisha, known for its picturesque landscapes, friendly people, and delicious cuisine, has earned numerous tourism awards and is often called "India's best kept secret." Keeping Odisha's cuisine in mind we have curated a special 12 course tasting menu.

Special Offer for Produced in Kent members. Use Code ''PIK" and book the tasting menu for £49.99 throughout this month.

Bottomless Thalis:
Thali is not a thali till you get hit by a 'how am I going to finish all this' fatigue. Thali is an Indian-style meal made up of a selection of various dishes which are served on a platter. Choose from 3 options: meat, vegetarian and seafood. Selective cocktails, beers and prosecco for 90 minutes every Thursday with live piano music in the background.
Link: Bottomless Thali Thursdays (

Live local music on Friday:
21st July 2024:
Experience a memorable night on 7th June and 21st July, 2024 with our A la carte menu and live performance by Kai Hoffman

26th July 2024:
On 26th July, 2024 enjoy fine dining accompanied by Abi Orfila's captivating vocals. Experience a night of culinary delight and musical enchantment at our establishment.

Cookery Classes
Join us for the exciting return of Dev Biswal's Cookery Classes!

Indulge in an evening of culinary delight as you cook three exquisite courses alongside Chef Dev and fellow enthusiasts. After mastering each dish, revel in the camaraderie of socializing, networking, and dining together. Share insights, techniques and recipes in a vibrant atmosphere.
Whether you come solo, with a partner, or in a group, this event promises an unforgettable experience. Explore a range of specialty courses including Vegan, Seafood, Vegetarian, and more.
Check out the calendar below with its details to find the perfect class date for you!

Moroccan Cookery Evening Class (NEW): Dev believed he grew up eating purely Indian food until his culinary travels revealed surprising similarities with other cuisines, especially Moroccan. This led him to question the origins of dishes like samosas and naans. Realizing commonalities in cuisines fostered a sense of humility and human connection and thus this special class was created with our Moroccan chef.

Indian Cookery Evening Class: This course will teach you to cook a few wholesome and classic Indian dishes
- Light and Crispy Onion bhatia or fritters.
- Delhi-style butter chicken or chicken tikka masala
- Chocolate samosas

Next Dates: 4th August 2024

Seafood Cookery Class: Learn how to work with some unique seafood ingredients from around the world.
-Soft Shell Crab
-Jumbo Black Tiger Prawn
-Spice Encrusted Wild Sea Bass

Next Dates: 7th July 2024

Vegetarian Cookery Class: This course will teach you to cook a few wholesome and classic vegetarian dishes from India.
-Onion Bhaji
-Daal and Vegetable Stew

Next dates: 25th August 2024

Master Class: Dev Biswal hosts a master class offering an overview of Indian cookery techniques and processes. Participants will gain proficiency in using spices and herbs in everyday cooking, applicable across various recipes and even in enhancing European dishes.

Next dates for Master Class: 28th July


New A La carte Dishes:
BLACK CHICKPEA, POTATOES KACHORI CHAAT, ASSORTED CHUTNEYS AND YOGHURT, FRESH COCONUT, POMEGRANATE: Kachoris are the king amongst Indian street food dishes and are seen in different forms and variants throughout India. Allergen advice: Gluten, milk

JUMBO GULAB JAMUN: Experience pure indulgence with our Jumbo Gulab Jamun! Each soft, syrup-soaked delight is a larger-than-life treat that promises to satisfy your sweet cravings. Perfect for sharing or savouring solo. Treat yourself to a taste of bliss!

SEASONAL VEGETABLE STEAKS: Savour the flavours of the season with our delectable Vegetable Steaks! Made from the freshest seasonal produce, these hearty and healthy steaks are perfect for vegetarians and food enthusiasts alike. Enjoy a wholesome, gourmet experience that celebrates the best of nature's bounty!

In Partnership with Canterbury Punting Company
Experience Canterbury's charm with a guided punt tour on the historic River Stour, followed by a gourmet 3-course meal at The Cook's Tale Restaurant. Enjoy the 45-minute boat ride, and savor locally sourced dishes. Book now for a delightful journey!

Embark on culinary and cultural journeys with The Cook's Adventures!
Explore Canterbury or the world through various experiences and indulge in exquisite meals.
Book your adventure now at for a taste of unforgettable experiences!

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