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Beebee Spices

30th November 2022

Sweet Chilli but not as you know it

Crunchy and sweet with just the right amount of heat at the back of the palate. This easy-to-use condiment is so rich in aroma that you could just begin to eat it straight from the jar once you open it. And why not!

Try it with filleted sea bass. Just cut along the middle of the fish and insert some of the chilli. Slap 1 or 2 teaspoons on the surface of the fish and put in a bamboo steamer or seal in a foil and oven cook for 15 mins or so, depending on size. For potatoes, slice thinly in round shape, brush sweet and mild chilli both sides of potato and leave in oven for 15-20 mins or so. Use Porcini in Pepperito for sauce. You’re welcome!

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