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11th March 2020

Sweet Offerings from Speciality Breads

Speciality Breads, traditional artisan bakers to the foodservice industry, has introduced some new honey enriched sweet bakes to their range. Simon Cannell, Managing Director at Speciality Breads, explained, “We are well known for our exceptional breads and frozen doughs but in the last couple of years, we have developed some sweet bakes. One of our customers recently commissioned us to create a range of bakes, specifically, for their ‘on the go’ market. Whilst our NPD were working on the project, serendipity paid a welcome visit. The result, Huffins™, a honey enriched bake with an amazing lightness of texture. What is even better, is, our new sweet bake can be served throughout the day – breakfast, mid-morning, afternoon tea and, with accompaniments, a dessert.” Huffins™ are available in three flavours – Honey Huffin™, Chocolate and Coconut Huffin™ plus Blueberry and Vanilla Huffin™. Simon continued, “Our aim was to create something a little quirky, with a light and fluffy texture, that tastes fantastic, stands out on display and be incredibly versatile. Huffins™ work well at breakfast, particularly the Honey Huffin™. Coffee shops are finding all three flavours popular for food on the go, particularly the mid-morning snack market. A number of hotels are going to include Huffins™ in their afternoon tea menus. Finally, Huffins™ make a great dessert, just warm, add ice cream and garnish generously.” Details of all breads, frozen doughs and sweet bakes are available at and samples will be sent on request.