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IEWA Silver Award

27th April 2018

Terlingham win Silver

Terlingham Vineyard: Natural wine wins silver award We are absolutely delighted with our silver IEWA wine award for our 2016 Natural Bacchus. Our talented winemaker created this fabulous wine following the principles of natural farming and wine making. Natural farming means that, other than the minimal use of some copper and sulphur, we don’t use any artificial chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Additionally, we do all the vineyard work by hand and let the natural flora blossom beneath our vines. Natural wine making is very different to conventional wine making as we do not add any commercial yeast and rely on wild native yeasts, and we do not add any sugars or use any chemical additives or preservatives (except very small amounts of sulphur). In essence, our ethos is, “nothing added, nothing taken away”. Each bottle (for better or worse! J) truthfully reflects the harvest of the year. We are very passionate about producing great wines with integrity and winning this award has shown us that it is possible! We would love for you to come and try our Bacchus on one of our vineyard walks & wine tastings this summer. Book your place here. We look forward to sharing our wine and vineyard with you!