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15th May 2023

The story behind Wayfarer still wines

When we first planted behind the Ashford family home in 2016, the aim was to create fine still wines for the family to enjoy - a passion project seeded by Jeff Ashford. As the family learned more about winemaking and viticulture we realized there was a deficit in the market of really exceptional still wines, made from still wine clones (read more about clones and their importance next month!!). Our business aspirations grew and our vision for creating England’s finest still wines

There’s a saying in the industry that still wines are made in the vineyard. What this is alluding to, is that for sparkling wine there is an artform to blending three base wines, potentially from different parcels of land, and with non vintage wines, several years productions can be blended together to create a signature flavour and style of wine. With still wines however, and particularly with single vintage, single estate, single grape variety wines, there really is nowhere to hide. The grape quality must be impeccable otherwise the end product will be compromised.

England isn’t known for still wines, but we believe with the correct attention to detail, really exceptional still wines can be achieved. We have a cool climate which gives way to acidity and freshness rather than fruit and body. However with our still wine clones which tend towards naturally occurring high sugar production, and small, flavour intense berries teamed with England’s cool nights and days that rarely get too hot, we can achieve a long, slow ripening process that helps to develop wines that are complex of flavour, beautifully structured and well balanced.

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Also find Wayfarer wines this month on Saturday 20th May at Westgate Hall for the Canterbury wine festival! The “Vineyard of England” comes to Canterbury for a one-day wine-tasting event with Master of Wine Clive Barlow. Taste over 35 locally produced wines and buy your favourites to take home.

Saturday 20th May 2023
Sessions: 11am – 2pm / 3pm – 6pm


Wayfarer Wines

Our first vineyard was planted in 2016, almost 3,000 vines at the rear of the family home, nestled in the rolling landscape along the beautiful Pilgrims Way in Kent.