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Greensand Ridge 3 Gins for the summer

6th May 2022

Three spirits for summer long drinks

As the weather warms and people venture out to share tales of their new lockdown hobby successes, here’s a reminder of our three spirits for summer long drinks

Our classic style of gin, winner of countless awards and by reputation the smoothest GnT your customers have ever had. Designed by Will to be ‘a spirit that takes you on a walk through the fields and woods of the Weald’. It’s what a craft gin should be.

The one and only Raspberry Ghost. Dispense with the artificial and saccharine sweet nonsense and embrace the elegant and grown-up flavours of this modern classic from our Distillery only!

The newest kid on the block, made only from surplus Ribena fruit and a favourite of the vodka-tonic drinker, is Blackcurrant Ghost. If the raspberry is all about top, bright notes, this is all about deep jammy flavours. Maybe one to try out on some fans of our Raspberry?

Gin still up close

Greensand Ridge Distillery

We're honest about what we do and how we do it and we aim to be a positive influence on our community. We're called Greensand Ridge after the hills that surround the Weald, from where we source our flavours.