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28th October 2020

We caught up with ADM Computing to talk about our new partnership

Having been in the IT business since 1984, ADM have all the experience and expertise you’d expect, and deliver all the support and security you need.

Why is ADM Computing keen to work with Pink in particular?

As a local company helping Kent based businesses get the most out of their IT, ADM Computing have always had a long history in supporting the local community and their environmental initiatives, whether that be through supporting local suppliers or encouraging businesses to buy local.

Pink members are faced with many challenges post-Covid: no physical events to meet customers and buyers, lost B2B trade, threats of further lockdowns, a potential hard Brexit – how important is a good IT infrastructure in this volatile economic climate?

The events that have taken place this year have caused businesses to have to adopt to working from home within a very short amount of time. IT has really been the key to making this possible and it has allowed many organisations to continue to function effectively despite the sudden change, whether through the use of remote solutions, VPNs or collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams. Not only have organisations had to quickly adopt working from home for their staff, but they have also had to acknowledge what this sudden change means for their cyber security in the work place – This continues to be an area of working from home that businesses need to be thinking about.

What positives have come out of the Covid crisis that you feel our members, with your support, can build on going forward?

​By helping businesses facilitate their staff to work efficiently and effectively from home, it has help reduce business overheads and costs whilst developing a more flexible work-life balance which will have a longstanding positive impact on businesses and employees alike. Here at ADM we are also sponsoring FREE Microsoft 365 training for businesses, provided by a Microsoft certified trainer. This includes Excel, Word, Outlook, Teams, OneNote & More. For more information on this training, please visit