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20th May 2021

Wednesday Wellness

Last week we celebrated the Mental Health Awareness Week, run by the Mental Health Foundation. The main theme of this campaign was nature, something close to the hearts of all Communigrowers.

We know that spending time outside, immersing ourselves in the sound of bird song, zipping up our coats against a stiff north-easterly wind and witnessing new shoots miraculously appear from the soil is good for the soul. We just know it makes us feel happier and boosts our mental and emotional health.

Research is now turning our anecdotal accounts into hard scientific evidence and we are using this data to shape the Communigrow sessions you can take part in. One example is a new project for people over 55 (and younger people with underlying health conditions) to highlight the positive health and wellbeing benefits of gardening and being part of Communigrow.

Wednesday Wellness is a 5-session course from 2-4pm with activities suitable for all abilities based on the benefits of garden therapy and connecting with nature. For more information contact us ( and spread the news to friends and family who might be interested.

Nature is a great restorative and as well as keeping us physically fit, gardening is one way of relaxing and allowing us to recharge our batteries. It reaches out to all our senses. Colours can shape our emotions – blues, greens and pale colours are relaxing while stronger yellows and reds can increase happiness. Sounds from perhaps a small water feature can be calming while you can be uplifted by the therapeutic scent from herbs especially rosemary and lavender. Growing your own fruit and veg has the added bonus of providing delicious fresh food and essential nutrients. A patch devoted to flowers brings in pollinators and then gifts you or your friends a vase of cut stems to enjoy indoors.

Nature means different things to different people but it’s important to realise that you don’t have to be out in the wilds to benefit from it. You can feel heaps better from noticing the small things in your front garden, park or street and the wonders of nature can even be witnessed inside your house by growing a few houseplants or herbs on the windowsill.

We welcome everyone and although the Wednesdays Wellness project is designed for a specific age group, we always have other projects and activities in place so do contact us if you are interested in supporting, joining or learning about Communigrow. We will continue offering opportunities to spend time outdoors with friends, sow seeds and harvest fresh, wholesome food to share the benefit from all that nature has to offer.

Communigrow: We are an educational and horticultural charity based in East Malling/Ditton, helping local people connect with their natural environment while also growing and producing delicious fresh food.

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