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Sunset over Whitsable Oyster beds

5th February 2024

Whitstable Oyster Company West Beach Shellfish Harvesting Area upgraded

The West Beach Shellfish Harvesting Area has recently been upgraded seasonally from Grade B to Grade A between 1st February to 31st July, based on sampling of the area by the LA and authorised by the FSA and CEFAS. This is the first time that this area has ever been classified as a Grade A and means that shellfish could be sold for consumption straight from the sea [although we will continue testing and purifying the oysters for our customers].

With the technical expertise of the University of Kent, and the support of Southern Water who have sponsored our testing, we are the only oyster company in England testing every batch of our oysters for Norovirus.

James Green, Director, Whitstable Oyster Company Limited said, “This Classification upgrade means that the shellfish harvesting waters off Whitstable are among the cleanest in England at the moment. People buying Whitstable Oysters can be reassured that they are buying not only top quality world-famous Whitstable Oysters, but also that they are some of the safest oysters available to consume in England”.

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The Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company, which still runs the oyster trade today, was originally set up by an Act of Parliament in 1793.