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20th May 2021

Woolton Round Up

Come inside and enjoy some Kentish Pip

Woolton Round Up

With pubs, restaurants and bars now allowed to let punters through their doors to sit inside, this means another large chunk of operators can start serving the nation - and we couldn’t be more excited! Head out and support your local establishments, they need you now more than ever.

Come And Sit Inside

It’s a beautiful garden here at The Barn in Bekesbourne near Canterbury, but the weather doesn’t always play ball. So we’re very pleased to say ‘‘Would you like to sit inside?’’.

We’ve got comfortable seating and plenty of room, to ensure not just a pleasant experience with us, but a safe environment too.

As with tables outside, there’s no need to book, just come along and rest your feet whilst you sip on your favourite Kentish Pip cider.

Say Cheese!

We absolutely love seeing our customers enjoying Kentish Pip.

Whether you’re at The Barn, or down the pub with friends, take a photo and show us you enjoying a pint or two of the good stuff! You can tag us on Facebook and Instagram - @kentishpip, or tweet us - @kentishpipcider

It Takes Time

Making cider really is an art, but we constantly have to work with nature to ensure the best possible product

After their winter slumber, our Woolton Farm cider apples are starting the next step on their journey to your glass - malolactic fermentation (MLF).

It sounds complex, but bacteria present in the cider simply prefer a less acidic environment, so now they’ve warmed up, they set about converting sharp Malic acid to soft Lactic acid.


Kentish Pip

In 2016 the small team set out to break the traditional and mainstream mould and produce the next generation of British cider.