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Yes Chef Pie

6th July 2022

Yes Chef – Lazy Range – Pies!

Puff pastry is the perfect canvas for an utterly indulgent supper.

We have a selection of nine pies in our range all handcrafted and filled with delicious fillings. A golden prebaked pie, just a case of you selecting your personal choice, from our award-winning Steak & Blue Cheese to our Vegan Sweet Potato Satay, deciding on accompaniments and reheating in the oven for 22 mins. Dinner was never so easy or tasty.

In the background the Yes Chef chefs are creating new fillings and even looking at a fruit-based pie.

Our pies are available to purchase direct from or buy from one of our award-winning retailers across Kent.

We are also selling into pubs and restaurants across Kent, so keep your eyes peeled and try when you see them. A Kent based business with pies individually prepared with you and your supper in mind.

Steak & Blue Cheese | Chicken & Mushroom | Poachers | Lamb & Mint | Chicken Balti | Cheesy | Sweet Potato Satay | Steak & Ale | Turkey, Ham Hock & Leek.