NFU Mutual Food Fraud Report

Ashford & Tenterden Office

NFU Mutual a specialist Food Insurer

Key points from our Food Fraud Report 2017

Food fraud could be costing UK food industry specifically a colossal £12 billion annually.

  • Our report explores in depth the effect that high profile cases of food fraud, economic uncertainty, industry factors and Brexit may be having on consumer perception of food security and legitimacy, and also presents advice for businesses to help them to succeed.
  • Only 12% have confidence in the European food chain and less (7%) in the global chain – raising interesting questions about how consumer attitudes may suffer post-Brexit.
  • Impact upon behaviour Over two thirds of consumers (70%) actively take regular measures to ensure their food is not fraudulent, with the most common way to do so being regularly reading the ingredients on products, or the front label. 17% avoid certain foods altogether that they believe could be susceptible to food fraud.

‘Improving food confidence’ lessons for industry

  • Educate about food fraud
  • Support British produce
  • Shrink supply chains
  • Be transparent
  • Support your local community


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