Nightingale Cider’s New and Fresh Canned Releases

Nightingale Cider Company is pleased to announce that we’ve just put our popular sparkling cider, Night Bird, into can for the first time. In addition to this, a fresh batch of the newest addition to the Nightingale range, Wild Disco Cider, is now available in cans. Wild Disco Cider is a 5.5% sparkling medium-dry cider made from 100% wild-fermented Kentish apple juice. Fresh and zingy on the palate with a clean finish, this cider is perfect for backyard drinking in the sun.

We’re also looking to expand our canned cider offering with two brand new, exciting ciders ready to the release in the coming weeks. Watch this space!

Cases of Night Bird and Wild Disco Cider are now available on our webshop at:

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