Nim’s Redlove Gift Box, for the apple of your eye

 If you aren’t jetting off this Valentine’s Day, then bring The Big Apple to your living room with Nim’s RedLove Apple Crisps giftbox available online for £3.95 Alternatively, you can pick up an individual pack (or 3 as they’re on 3 for 2) in Tesco stores nationwide.

Nothing says romance like sharing a pack of crimson coloured crisps.  The giftbox contains two packs of Nim’s limited-edition, RedLove Apple crisps, which are launching in time for February 14th 2020.

These Great Taste award-winning apple crisps are Valentine’s red all the way through to the centre and have a mouth-wateringly rich apple aroma. The flavour is sweet and tangy with the crispy crunchy mouthfeel we have come to love from the Nim’s Fruit Crisp range.  Once bitten, you will soon be smitten!

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, as these sustainable Redlove apples have been grown and air-dried (not fried) locally in Kent, before being lovingly delivered to a Tesco near you. Maybe you actually need a few more packs for your loved ones? Well, you won’t upset the apple cart as you can pick up a 20g pack on 3 for 2.

Nim’s core values are to bring a healthier alternative to the standard crisp while sneaking in a portion of your 5 a day. Why compare apples and oranges (or any other crunchy snack) when an apple a day will keep the doctor away and your beloved healthy.

So, snuggle up on the sofa and make sure the only thing between you and your true love this Valentine’s day is a pack of Nim’s RedLove Apple Crisps.

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