About Us

Chantilly’s Bakery, is a Kent based family run bakery specialising in artisanal breads, patisserie, and confectionary and catering baked fresh every day. As a family run business, all of our products are hand crafted by each of us using artisanal and traditional baking methods.

Master Baker Paul Usherwood has over 30 years’ experience in the baking industry and a degree in baking technology and food science. Paul has shared his knowledge and nurtured his youngest daughter Chantelle’s interest in baking and confectionary alongside his wife Pauline. She now works alongside him creating our beautiful and unique products.

We are proud of the reputation we have built and maintained for our products amongst families and local communities. We are passionate about using natural and wherever possible local ingredients, this is reflective of the unique flavour and character of our products.

Based on the true traditions of artisanal craft baking, Chantilly’s believes in slow and timely fermentation and all natural and organic ingredients which creates our distinctive flavour, natural preservation and digestibility.

All of our artisan breads are free from additives, preservatives and palm oil, also most of them are vegan friendly. At Chantilly’s, our flour is hand blended by us and sourced from British mills. Our breads range from Dark and light Rye’s to Sundried tomato and Onion loaves to our 100 % sour dough bread which is fermented for 42 hours.

We regularly attend local farmers markets where our well-known cakes, patisserie and breads can all be enjoyed. Check out our facebook page to see which markets you can find us at and when!