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Paddlesworth Produce was started by 27-year-old, townie turned farmer, Katie Anderson. Originally Katie’s idea was simply to sell her own produce in a modern, convenient way by offering online ordering and home delivery for her free-range eggs and pork.

She soon realised however that her customers wanted to enjoy a wide selection of delicious, free-range produce; much more than her four acres and one pair of hands could handle! She also realised that her customers were very keen to support as many local farmers and small businesses as possible but didn’t have the time to visit every independent shop and market stall in the area.

In that moment Paddlesworth Produce became about more than just Katie’s smallholding. Instead, she sought to bring together the best of the county’s artisan producers, to create boxes full of tasty Kentish food and drink, for all to enjoy.


Katie didn’t simply want to create another online supermarket, there were a few core values that she knew had to stand by throughout the entire business, if she was going to build something to be proud of.

Katie only wanted to sell items that she would be happy to have in her kitchen at home and that meant she wanted to ensure high animal welfare, low environmental impact and no artificial nasties!

Katie subsequently produced the Paddlesworth Produce Promise. A statement that covers all food and drink sold on our website and within our boxes:

100% free-range
100% natural ingredients
100% plastic-free
100% produced in Kent

To create our Breakfast Box, Sunday Roast Box and BBQ Box, we work with nine local farmers, three independent butchers, two artisan bakers and over fifteen other small businesses, who are all based within our beautiful county of Kent.
It is very important for us to support our local producers because it creates money and jobs for our local community.
It also reduces our environmental impact by keeping our food miles to a minimum.

Katie visits every producer before we include their products in our boxes; this is to ensure quality, honesty, locality and of course – that it is tasty! It is important to us that our producers also share our values and for that reason we only use businesses that display high levels of animal welfare, environmental responsibility and community spirit. We don’t like to label ourselves as ‘picky’ but we will never include a product or use a producer that simply isn’t up to scratch.

Boxes are available as a one-off treat, can be sent as a gift or are available via subscription. Visit for more information.

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