About Us

Wonderchup is the first Tomato Ketchup to be made without adding sugar, sweeteners or fructose or salt. We added extra lycopene, giving us umami and kokumi flavour profiles as well as extra anti oxidants and inflammation fighting properties. To make it as healthy as possible, we added vitamins B6, B9, B12, D3 + E in every serving as the WHO/UN say everyone of us would benefit from more of these micronutrients. Most importantly, it is totally delicious! We are very proud to be made in the Garden of England. We have a family of condiments to launch, which unite global food trends and each are made without adding sugar or salt. Each are gut, brain, aesthetically and planet friendly. We aim to be the healthiest and kindest condiment company, and to create a great new British brand in the process. We created this because we love our friends and family and we know you love yours too.

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KWIB Runner Up 19

“If you are looking for a healthy alternative to regular ketchup then I can't recommend this enough...it's really delicious!”

my_foodie_baby, Instagram