CAR Designs

About Us

Charlotte Landman who is the designer and maker of everything offered for sale, established CAR Designs in 2000. CAR Designs was formed to offer bespoke items of silverware and jewellery and our workshop is situated in Maidstone, Kent. CAR Designs exhibits at shows both locally and throughout the South East of England.

This year CAR Designs will be attending new venues with new organisation, which will be very exciting the new shows are in Kent or East Sussex, and so they add beautifully to our core area for shows.

CAR Designs makes items of jewellery for everyday wear and unique pieces for that special occasion. CAR Designs offers a bespoke wedding jewellery service and will make your rings to your specific requirements. We offer a range of unique jewellery for all your wedding party, both ladies and gentlemen.

CAR Designs offers a range of silverware, which includes many unique items. We have big plans for the coming year, which will include Bonbon dish, eggcup and new large pendants. We undertake commissions for commemorative pieces for retirement, christening, wedding or anniversary gifts, or of course that special item just for you.

CAR Designs also makes church plate and offers repair and alteration services for this and also other items of silverware.