About Us

Bit Spicy was founded in 2011 by Andrew and Liz Anderson, who together have spent years perfecting the authentic taste of the Far East. It was after yet another evening when they had invited half a dozen friends round and cooked a selection of curries that they realised that, while everyone they knew enjoyed curries, Mexican, Chinese and in fact all types of spicy food, they were the only people who actually cooked it from scratch – i.e. dry-roast their own spices; grow, dry and grind their own chillies; fill and wok-fry their own spring rolls.
Bit Spicy grew from the realisation that many curry cook books are misleading, overcomplicated and inaccurate. Every single recipe here has been road-tested by friends and family for their flavour and ease of preparation.
Whether it’s Indian, South East Asian, Mexican or Vegetarian, Bit Spicy has the answer to how to cook a superb restaurant-style curry.
You may well have a walk-in larder, a large kitchen and a wide range of spices, or you may have some small supermarket jars of spices, which are mostly past their best-by date because you bought them for the one curry you made from scratch 2 years ago. Bit Spicy products take up little room and all other ingredients can be sourced locally.

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