Little Stour Orchard

About Us

At Little Stour Orchard we use only our own apples to make award winning apple juice, natural raw cider vinegar and traditional cider.

We manage our 10 acre orchard in Stourmouth naturally and do not use herbicides or pesticides. We grow three varieties of apple which are pressed soon after picking to make pure English apple juice.

Our most popular juice is our 10 Acre Discovery Apple Juice. This is bright pink when first pressed in September and fades to a more mellow colour with time. We also make Cox/Bramley juice.

The juice for our cider is made using our 180-year old restored Victorian press. The juice is naturally fermented to produce our 10 Acre Orchard Cider and multi-award winning 10 Acre Apple Cider Vinegar.

Our raw cider vinegar is not filtered or pasteurised. It still contains the vinegar mother as well as all the nutritional content of the original fruit which are widely believed to confer health benefits. Apple Cider Vinegar can substitute for any other vinegar as a condiment or in the kitchen.

Our small range of pickles & preserves is hand made in small batches using seasonal produce that we have grown ourselves, or that has been sourced locally. We use our own Cider Vinegar in products such as Sweet Cucumber Pickle, Pickled Beetroot and Piccalilli.

At Little Stour Orchard we want to provide local products to local people so you can be sure that our ’10 Acre’ range has been grown and produced in Kent.


TOKA Winner 2013 TOKA Winner 2014 Great Taste 2014 2 Stars