About Us

‘The only problem with your products is they do not wear out’.

Established over 30 years ago in my Oast House in Kent after being given an antique knitting machine my passion for developing unique, fun garments has just grown and grown and continues to do so.

Children’s picture jumpers with squeaks was developed through the realisation that one must be different. Every jumper is crafted with care to serve my customers. Some buy because they remember having a ‘Squeakies’ jumper when they were a child and they want their own children to have the same fun experience.
Squeakies jumpers have now expanded their range to include adult jumpers. Home made especially for you.
Driven by my desire to use every scrap of a cone of wool led to the creation of giant French knitted scarves. These made on a milking stool with a hole in the middle, six door knobs and about 11 different yarns thus creating a truly unique product.

Come and see me at many venues in Kent and further afield.

Please visit my website to see more details.

“The jumper was a number one Christmas present.”

Mrs Kemp