Winterdale Cheesemakers

About Us

Situated high on the North Downs in the heart of Kent, using milk from our own Friesian dairy cows, Winterdale Cheesemakers are making a traditional hand made, unpasteurised, cloth bound CELLAR matured cheddar style cheese, along with hand ladled Kentish Camembert.

Winterdale Shaw is our hand made hard cheese, which once cloth bound is placed in the cellar to mature for a minimum of six months. The natural stone cellar is dug deep into the chalky North Downs of Kent, which gives the cheese its unique characteristic full flavour.

Each cheese, whether it’s 10 kg, 5 kg or gift sized truckles are placed upon beech shelving in our naturally cool cellar and turned regularly to aid the maturing process.
Our Kentish Camembert are hand ladled and left in the cool room to give a soft edible rind. As the cheese ripens it becomes softer with a full creamy flavour and is then hand wrapped in wax paper.

Winterdale Shaw can be bought at Macknades, Taywell Farmshop and Williamsons Butchers and is available at the Winterdale Cheese Barn on Saturdays 11.00 to 13.00. Call us for directions!!


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