Owlet Fruit Juice

About Us

Juice makers and Fruit growers for over 30 years, winners of multiple awards, Colin & Suzie Corfield have firmly established their reputation for producing juices of the finest quality.
The Owlet range is made up of 8 single variety Kentish apples as well as pear juice and blends using berries, elderflower and spices.
Owlet juices are available in 1 litre and 250ml bottles.


Great Taste 2013 1 Star Great Taste Award 2015 1 Star Great Taste 2014 1 Star Great Taste 16 1 Great Taste 16 2 Great Taste 16 3 Great Taste Producer Great Taste Award 2017 1 star Great Taste Award 2017 2 star Great Taste Award 2 star 18

“...an exceptionally distinctive apple juice, really perfumed and fragrant...(Cox & Bramley)”

Great Taste 2017 judges.
  • Owl House Fruit Farm
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Lamberhurst
  • Lamberhurst

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