Gaia Creations

About Us

Gaia Creations is all about pleasing yourself or that special someone but not at the cost of the environment or yourself.

All our Pure Soy Wax Candles are poured by our own hand in Kent, and created using unconventional methods to achieve a gorgeous unique product. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide you with an incredibly detailed high quality aromatic product at a fair price.

To achieve this, we only use the best and most natural supplies; we use pure Soy Wax as it is the cleanest, in terms of environment and soot emissions, and most wonderful of waxes; where it burns at low temperature (about 40°C), it is also a much safer solution for children and pets.

Slow burning also means that your candles will normally burn about 50% longer than paraffin wax candles.
Unlike conventional waxes, the soot emission is very low and do not contain any of the chemical compounds you would find in paraffin candles; so if you’re a candle lover, have kids or want to offer that special someone a healthier gift, this is the cleanest type of candle you could get.

We combine our premium wax, using very complex dosage, with high quality fragrances and natural fibres and wood wicks (they contain no lead or other harmful metals) to obtain the finished product. Every single candle is getting the most of our attention, and we get an enormous satisfaction in finishing our products to very high standards; from pouring the wax to applying the label and the decoration, we do everything ourselves at a slow but sure pace.

The aim is of course for our Customers and Friends to get the most enjoyment from their product, to make a difference, differentiate ourselves from competitors and to offer a gorgeous and healthier candle at a fair price; all that whilst retaining our commitment to the environment and our ethos.

Ricky & Axel,
Gaia Creations.

“Just wanted to say that I have tried your candle for a few hours and oh my God it smells delicious! The smell really spread across my flat and relaxed the atmosphere almost instantly. Bravo boys, good job. This is really good quality.”