About Us

Andrew Tickle has lived at Johnsons Farm for most of his life. He has brought a long career in agricultural businesses to his latest venture!

Andrew was looking to grow a crop which fitted into a specialist niche market and that could flourish in the poor soils of the North Downs in Kent.

Andrew carried out extensive market research and decided that the Aronia Berry was the niche crop to grow. While little known in the UK it is a crop that is widely grown in Eastern Europe and in North America with a massive range of products already available on the market.

Ariona berries have a unique flavour, contain naturalpolyphenols, flavonoids, anticyanins and antioxidant potential. They can be mixed with other fruit juices, tonics or spirits.

The first plantation was established in 2011 with the first crop produced in 2013. This in itself is quite an achievement as nobody even knew if the plants would grow in the UK !

In order to ensure we produce a consistent quality product, and to ensure that product is of the highest quality, Andrew has decided to grow and process the berries at Johnsons Farm.

Tickleberry is the name that my neice, Amy, decided was the best name to use for our Aronia products – When thinking of Aronia think TickleBerries!



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