Hinxden Farm Dairy

About Us

The Hinxden Farm Dairy milkman delivers to homes within an approximate 10 mile radius of the farm as well as a mixture of restaurants, cafe’s, hotels, schools and shops from East Sussex to North Kent. We pride ourselves on the quality and freshness of our products which include Skimmed Milk, Semi-Skimmed Milk, Whole Milk and Channel Island Gold Top. We also produce a wholesome range of Yoghurts as well as an indulgent choice of Fresh Cream and Creme Fraiche.

Hinxden Farm Dairy has farmed in Benenden since 1930. We started on a small 35 acre mixed farms milking just 5 cows.
Now our 80 pedigree Guernsey and 120 pedigree Holstein Friesians graze grass during the summer and are loose housed on straw during the winter. They all eat a mix of home grown grass and maize silage with cereal based concentrates.


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“"We've used Hinxden Farm Dairy since we opened in November 1999 because the product they offer is great and they are reliable".”

Dan @ The Sportsman, Seasalter, Whitstable Kent.