H&RH Escargots

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H&RH Escargots: the ultimate slow food. Buy live snails to cook yourself.

If you want to grow your own buy breeders or a smallholder pack. Come on a day course to learn about farming edible snails.

Read ‘Molluscs and Me’ about my experience of setting up and running the farm for the last seven years.

Slow Summer Snail Farm is now based on Littlebourne Allotments. Look out for Meet the Snails days for children.

Phone or email if you want to invite the snails to visit your school or community group

Our mini snail farm makes a perfect educational gift.

We breed and raise edible snails: Helix aspersa maxima, which is the variety of snail cooked by some of England’s best known chefs. You can eat our snails in your local restaurant or serve them at your own dinner parties. If you are a Smallholder you can raise your own snails at home by buying breeders and food from us in Spring and early Summer. We also run courses for would-be snail farmers and the course materials are available as the Smallholder Guide to Farming Edible Snails.

You can buy frozen or tinned snails elsewhere but this is the place to come for fresh live produce. In summer the snails live of doors on fresh fruit and vegetables. Chefs who want fresh live snails to cook can order direct from us by email, phone or through the online shop.



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