Kingsdown Water

About Us

Kingsdown Water was founded in 1995. Since then Kingsdown has become established as the leading premium British spring water and is supplied to pubs, restaurants, cafés, and hotels across the UK. Kingsdown stockists include Shepherd Neame, The Savoy, The Wolseley, Soho House, Jamie Oliver, and Wagamama.

The Kingsdown source is situated in the heart of the North Downs, just outside the village of Kingsdown, some fifteen miles from the cathedral city of Canterbury. It is the chalk of the North Downs which provides the key to Kingsdown’s purity and quality. By acting as a huge natural filter it removes all impurities whilst ensuring that valuable trace elements are absorbed. The result is pure clean tasting spring water at its very best.

We have diversified in recent years and built on the Kingsdown brand by launching our new range of Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés, which are made from Kingsdown Sparkling Spring Water and meticulously sourced natural juices – hand picked Sicilian lemons, Spanish oranges, British rhubarb, apples, and elderflowers – blended to produce grown up drinks of the highest quality.

All our drinks are available online – for more information please come and have a look at

“‘Very high quality, it has so much lemon in it that it actually tastes like Citron Pressé, lovely level of carbonation, very grown up.’”

Joe Wadsack from the BBC’s ‘Food & Drink’ on Kingsdown Cloudy Lemonade