Fine Food Consultancy

About Us

Based in The Garden of England we are surrounded by a plethora of home grown food and drink producers. And why not….fertile soils, great climate, world renowned hops and some of the country’s finest ales and wines.

Having worked in the food industry for well over 10 years, we have vast experience across numerous food industry sectors from third party auditing, to major food retailers, high and low risk food manufacturers and high street eateries. We decided it was high time we started to work with passionate, innovative artisanal local food and drink producers.

Having worked for big corporates you get to work with a lot of consultants both good and bad. Let’s just say we’ve taken all of those good bits, stirred them up with a sprinkling of determination and we’ve produced Fine Food Consultancy. YUMMY!

So here is a taster of what we have to offer:
-Policy & Procedures

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for here then please ask. We know your business doesn’t always fit that stereotypical ‘tick list’ so we don’t either! We are there to be flexible to your business needs.

So let’s start this taste adventure. We are a taste of what’s to come…