Mereworth Wines

About Us

The Boscawens have been farming the fields around Mereworth – or Marourde, to give it its historic name – for over 250 years. Over the centuries, their hops and apples have gone into many of England’s finest beers and ciders. More recently, they’ve turned to growing grapes in Kent’s remarkable soil. Booze, you could say, is in the blood.

While Mereworth Wines is still very much concentrating on its exceptional sparkling wine, it is now offering an array of local, artisanal drinks all produced in-house at Brewers Hall Oast, in Mereworth. These are all available for purchase from with collection at Brewers Hall, or delivery available (free locally).

Mereworth Exceptional English Sparkling Wine – White From Black

A white sparkling wine made from black Pinot Noir grapes. 2018 was an outstanding year for our vineyards in Wateringbury, where our first vintage was grown, before being pressed, fermented and bottled at our winery at Brewers Hall.
Beautifully balanced, with 15 months maturation and a medium-dry finish.

Marourde Spritz

With wine-making know-how and taking the inspiration from local botanicals, we set about refreshing the world’s oldest drink. Our lightly alcoholic honey-wine spritz is a delicate blend of honey with cool Kentish water.
MAROURDE ‘Spritz’ is medium-dry and bursts with citrus, honey flavours, complimented by woody undertones, with a bright, crisp finish. By popular demand, our newly perfected ‘Rosé Spritz’ explodes with honied hedgerow black fruits, allowing the delicate infusions of elderflower and elderberry to linger on the palate.

Seven Mile Gin

For centuries, the fields of Mereworth have grown the ingredients for England’s finest drinks. Seven Mile Gin is a celebration of the place we call ‘home’ and those who have travelled the length of Seven Mile Lane to harvest these crops.
Produced with the time-honoured compounding technique, Seven Mile Gin is infused with botanicals inspired by the fertile heritage which surrounds Brewers Hall, creating a dry, balanced gin with floral notes. Pairs perfectly with one of our Marourde Spritz, or simply with a splash of tonic.

Budburst Brewing

To make a great wine, it requires a lot of good beer. Whether there’s work in the vineyard or winery, a thirst-quenching beer is always well-earned. With some wine-making nous, we craft our small batch beers to burst with hoppy and citrus flavours.
With Mereworth hops having gone into many of England’s finest beers over the centuries, it feels only right for Brewers Hall to return to its brewing roots with a delicious beer.

Budburst Kentish Cider

Cider-making and brewing have been part of the Mereworth fabric since the 1500’s so it seems only natural to add a Kentish cider to our repertoire here at Brewers Hall. Inspired by the orchards around us, we bring you our first cider: gently carbonated and made from 100% Kentish apples.