Mereworth Wines

About Us

The Boscawens have been farming the fields around Mereworth – or Marourde, to give it its historic name – for over 250 years.

Over the centuries, their hops and apples have gone into many of England’s finest beers and ciders. More recently, they’ve turned to growing grapes in Kent’s remarkable soil. Booze, you could say, is in the blood.

It seems somehow inevitable that one of them – William – would one day turn their hand to making mead, the world’s oldest drink.

All our mead is brewed near Mereworth in Kent.

Alongside the crisp, original recipe Marourde, we add locally sourced Goldings hops or Bramley apples to certain batches, steering the flavour one way or the other to produce a family of naturally gluten free meads.

And like all siblings, they each have their own unique characteristics

  • Canon Court Farm
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