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A C Goatham & Son

AC Goatham & Son has been all about British apples and pears since 1947. Our future lies in sticking to what we have always done and done best. Growing Great British.

British Royal Gala apples growing

From father to son, every day for over 70 years, our family business is growing. We innovate and change but our values always stay the same. We’re a team who pride ourselves on the Goatham’s way, passionate about growing the very best quality British apples and pears.


For quality, for perfection, for our attention to detail. We’ve built a successful and sustainable British business which is unique. We control every step in our supply chain to deliver the best British apples and pears. A short, sustainable and healthy British supply chain, feeding the nation every day of the year.


No gimmicks, we are data driven, optimising digital technology every day across every aspect of our business. Modern, sustainable and proven methods which enable us to grow, pick, store, pack, deliver and trace every single piece of fruit we supply to supermarkets across the UK.