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Sourdough Microbakery located in Gravesend

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Amazing Grace Bakery is a Sourdough Microbakery located in Gravesend, Kent. We pride ourselves in making true artisan sourdough bakes.

We introduced Panettone as part of our artisan bakes in 2021, this traditional Italian Christmas cake has been carefully made with the best of ingredients and our well-nurtured pasta madre (sourdough starter) following the traditional Italian process that our head chef learned in Italy.

Our panettone process is focused on using the best ingredients in combination with the Milanese method using grade A Madagascar vanilla pods, great taste awarded honey, free range eggs, quality butter, Bronte pistachio, and 5-crown sultanas.

The long natural yeast keeps our panettone soft and aromatic for longer and of course, it is a freshly baked product without additives or preservatives, so fewer days go from production to consumption.