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Welcome to BeeBeeSpices, where we thrive on keeping it rustic.

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Thank you for choosing BeeBeeSpices. We made our products with you in mind. All natural, all simple, all flavourful without additives or preservatives. Check out our quality infused oils and our chilli range for your everyday use to make life simply simple.

Beebeespices is intentionally traditional, our roots are based on our ethnic background and we like to keep it that way. The aim is to add simplicity and flavour to your every dish.


Our chilli in oil jars work as a spice, condiment or marinade. And the flavour is never compromised. From the hot right down to sweet chilli, there is something for everyone.


Shiitake and Sun-dried Tomato infused in quality mediterranean virgin Olive oils are a must for your pantry. Did you know that olive oils are packed full of antioxidants essential for keeping your body healthy!

Our jars and bottles are locally sourced as part of our resolve to keep local businesses going.