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A micro-smokery producing cold-smoked Scottish salmon in Hythe , Kent.

Cured and Smoked Salmon tartare

Producing the finest cold smoked Scottish salmon made in a backyard in Hythe, Kent.

After selling lots of lovely stuff made by lovely people for many years I've taken the plunge and become one of those producers. I use the freshest salmon possible, from Loch Duart in Scotland. They are the most environmentally and fish friendly producer in the UK.

The fish is dry cured, using only sea salt, then cold smoked using a variety of woods. Follow me on the socials to find out which ones are available and when.

Unlike the bigger producers I dry cure for a relatively short amount of time, I also smoke for less amount of time. This allows the flavour of the fish to be complemented by the cure and smoke and not be taken over by them. I also do a thicker cut to allow the flavour of the fish to shine.

The salmon comes vacuum packed. The boards in the packaging and the plastic pouch are recyclable at home.

If you have the time, do give the salmon about 15-20 minutes out of the packaging to open up before eating.

About me: I've been a cheese and wine monger for many years, during which time I kept wondering and 'planning' producing something! Being Scottish, it had to be cold smoked Scottish salmon.

Folkestone Harbour Arm Marketplace Huts

29th-28th September 2024

Produced in Kent at the Folkestone Market Place

There are 35 fisherman huts that form the Market Place - Folkestone Harbour’s first ever permanent retail space. Adjoining the incredibly popular Goods Yard, these classically styled huts come together to form an exciting, evolving retail space.