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We are specialist cherry farmers and farm approx 40 acres of cherries in both Northiam and Sandhurst. We have earned a reputation for supplying cherries that are simply the best. We only pick the cherries when they are 100% ripe to get the true full flavour that cherries should have, making every individual cherry totally delicious. We supply cherries across the South East & London during cherry season, from mid/late June to early August.

Our amazing cherry juice is 100% pure and contains approx 2.5kgs of squashed cherries, and nothing else. The health benefits of cherry juice are fantastic, from being packed full of natural melatonin which can aid sleep and also being full of an antioxidant called Quercetin which is very anti-inflammatory and is very beneficial for sufferers of arthritis. It is also a natural remedy for gout.

Did we mention that it also tastes amazing!

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TOKA 2022 Finalist

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