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Della Rovere Pasta

Authentic pasta

Della rovere pasta

Handmade by an Italian, in Margate

Raised in Rome, Italy, I have always been captivated by the incredible culinary heritage of my home country. Growing up I was exposed to the art of cooking from a young age, watching different members of my family cooking.
After spending 16 years in London, I moved to Margate, Kent and quickly realised that despite the numerous and delicious options available to food lovers, there was still something I could add to the community: fresh pasta.
My love for food and my desire to share the beauty of Italian cuisine with the people of Margate set me on a new path and Della Rovere Pasta was born.It wasn't an easy decision to leave the stability of a monthly income to pursue my culinary passion but I felt I was ready to embrace an uncertain future and pour my heart and soul into creating Italian handmade pasta.
I truly believe that cooking is not only about satisfying our taste buds, but also about warming our souls by bringing people together around a table. Preparing, creating and sharing food is about love and being loved. Sharing a meal with others is a way of connecting with people, building relationships, and creating cherished memories.
Come on, join us and enjoy!