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Freddies Farm

Freddie’s Farm are kid’s snacks with a difference; we have PAPER PACKAGING, we only use FRESH fruit & veg – never concentrates or purees, and with no added sugar and lower free sugars they’re good for the planet and for little tummies.

Keep on snacking

We’re farmers, 4th generation and proud of it. We love championing Great British produce, that’s why it’s all we use, as much as possible from our own orchards and fields which surround the factory. And we only use FRESH product never concentrates or purees like everyone else. Hey fresh fruit and veg is always better than dried, but when that’s not possible we feel our snacks are the next best thing.

So we have our own patented process, which combined with our use of fresh fruit and veg helps to keep free sugars lower. You can find our more here about free sugars, but what does it mean for you? Well free sugars cause sugar highs and crashes, which as parents ourselves, we know is the last thing you need! Because it’s patented you know that NO ONE ELSE can make it the way we do.

Unlike our competitors we have paper packets – we are the first to do this! That means you can simply pop our paper packets and cardboard boxes straight into the recycling bin at home. Like our sustainable farming methods, our packets are sustainable too. Protecting the planet for the very generation we are feeding in an exceptionally delicious and healthy way.

We recently won hit Channel 4 TV Aldi The Next Big Thing - launching us into over 900 Aldi stores nationwide. We are also stocked in countless farm shops across the country, schools, theme parks and in Ocado!