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Good Karma

Good Karma Beer Co

We brew small batch alcohol-free beer and we are part of the mindful drinking movement.

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Good Karma is an alcohol free beer brand, now based in Kent. We are consciously and holistically involved with mindful drinking, embracing only an ethos of wellness and positivity Our beers are also vegan and proud to brew from locally sourced ingredients.

We are beer lovers at heart, and we are brewing alcohol free beers of beer styles we like to drink, from Belgian, German classics to styles close to home….

We now brew here in Kent and are surrounded by such wonderful ingredients and producers, we are proud that we get to support our community whilst significantly reducing our air miles and doing our bit for the planet.

We have chosen to embrace the rich history and quality of British hops and malts, making Good Karma beers more sustainable and inevitably more appealing.

With diverse aromas ranging from tangerine and citrus, to marmalade, spice, and floral notes, British hops offer a unique taste that is often overlooked in favour of flavours with a lot of air miles attached. The new plan to exclusively use locally sourced, 100% homegrown ingredients allows Good Karma to support local farmers and reduce its carbon footprint

As a business, it is also our responsibility to take care of our planet, and that’s why we strive to be sustainable in every way possible and be mindful in everything we do.

We all have to do our bit otherwise what’s the point?