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Goupie is a uniquely textured chocolate confectionery based on an old family recipe and hand-made in Kent. Everything that we do is vegan friendly and gluten-free including our full Goupie range, Dips & Dabs and Hot Chocolates.

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Goupie is committed to making products which do not cost the Earth: physically or metaphorically.

Goupie is our namesake and main product line. It is a product based on an old family recipe which consists of a cocoa-syrup base, toasted rice and biscuit with a smothering of chocolate.

We have a huge variety of Goupie flavours available in our Sharing Boxes and Goupie Minis. We also have seasonal products such as our Christmas flavours or Easter Eggs.

We also have a range of Dips & Dabs which are a mixture of hand-piped chocolate discs and fruits and nuts covered in chocolate. These come in our reusable tins or PLA bags.

Lastly, we have our hot chocolate range. These are packaged in reusable tins with refill options on the website.

Everything we make is completely vegan friendly and gluten-free. We are a Living Wage Employer and look to keep our packaging as sustainable as possible, using completely compostable options where possible, or tin which is a great recyclable and reusable option.

We have our very own Chocolate House in Tunbridge Wells if you'd like to try our flavours in a pick & mix or make-your-own hot chocolate.